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Theory and Ideology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Theory and Ideology - Essay Example Thus, preventing Iran from creating and improving more machines must be done. It was during February 9, 2003 exactly at Natanz where the programs and efforts building of sophisticated facilities were revealed. There were also other cities where the construction and formation of uranium were found (Sahimi, 2003). When President Mohammad Khatami disclosed and revealed the information regarding Iran’s nuclear program, and the existence of Natanz facilities on the television, Dr. Mohammad El Baradei, the head of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) together with a team of inspectors, visited Iraq in February. The team was surprised with Iran’s high-tech devices; nuclear weapons and other instruments for mass destruction were numerous in number. This made IAEA furnish an ultimatum for Iran to reveal all the details of its nuclear activities. What made Iran’s nuclear program the center of attention to many countries was the February announcement. In addition, Unit ed States, the European Union, Russia, and Japan have been maintaining ‘closer look’ on Iran’s nuclear activities; they expressed strong demand that Iran should disclose all the information pertaining to nuclear weapons. The EU then was negotiating with Iran economic and cultural agreements, while Japan was looking after an oil agreement with Iran (Sahimi, 2003).Though United States and other allies have always been given the chance to participate with the development with Iran’s nuclear programs and to produce high class of nuclear weapons and reactors, yet they always refused--they were not certain that Iran really need nuclear energy, and use it for protecting its national interest. Last September 2009, a second uranium enrichment facility near the holy of Qom was discovered, leaving U.S and other member states suspicious of the ongoing development of nuclear machines; this revelation just confirmed the West fear that Iran would continue their ‘se cret’ undertakings. In fact, Iran has developed 4000 centrifuges (â€Å"Iran’s Uranium Enrichment,† 2009). However, the Western government has abjured their support to Iran after its nuclear development program was publicized. Consequently, Iran’s nuclear progress has depreciated. In spite the consequence, it was announced that Iran’s Darkhovin project has resumed by the Iranian officials; and a 360-megawatt reactor would be placed in that project (Bruno, 2010). Iran’s Sanction and U.S Ways to Dissuade Iran The United States used a â€Å"sharp† tooth to sanction Iran. It has imposed unilateral economic sanctions on Iran three decades ago. As mentioned earlier, U.S and the IAEA were not certain about the real purpose of nuclear weapons discovered in Iran, hence, the IAEA expressed an â€Å"absence of confidence† to Iran in September 2005. Not only member states of America have the knowledge about Iran’s growing nuclear ac tivity but also the United Nations Security Council. Iran has enough atoms to make a nuclear bomb (Broad & Sanger, 2009). Just December 2006, UN has adopted the first series of resolutions aimed to impose sanctions and punishment on Iran because of its continued manufacture of uranium--which is known to be hazardous and could be developed into nuclear weapons such as bombs and missiles. Resolution 1737 was initiated in order to bar Iran from selling or transferring those discovered sensitive nuclear technology. But on September 2008, another resolution was drafted

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