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8 Dream Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

8 Dream Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed If you were to think of your total dream job- regardless of your field, experience, or financial considerations- what would it be? Wacky Wednesday has gone out and discovered that some of those ultimate jobs are reality for some lucky people around the world. Read and be jealous! Wine Tester and BloggerDo you subscribe to the old Jimmy Buffett motto, â€Å"It’s five o’clock somewhere?† Is â€Å"wine-o’clock† a daily occurrence in your home? If so, then wine testing might be your dream gig. It certainly was for one lucky vinophile, who was paid $10,000 per month to live rent-free in California’s Napa Valley and chronicle his â€Å"winestream† on social media.World of Warcraft TesterIf you already play World of Warcraft like it’s your job, know that Blizzard Entertainment (the software company behind the behemoth online role-playing game) hires people to do Quality Analysis (QA) testing on the game to check for bugs and other issu es. Living the dream, earning in-game gold, and paying your real-life bills too!Airplane Repo PersonIt’s kind of like an administrative James Bond gig: repossessing private aircraft once the owners can no longer make payments. This sounds glamorous (you’d be visiting airplane hangers in all sorts of exotic locales), but you’d also need Bond-level martial arts skills and cunning†¦ people do not part with their private jets lightly.Waterslide TesterGlobal resort company First Choice hired someone to test out their water slides for height, speed, water quantity, and safety at various resorts around the world. The most fun vacation activity in all sorts of exciting destinations? Sign us up!Candy TesterBritish sweets company Swizzles-Matlow hired a 12-year old to taste-test their top secret candy recipes. Looks like that young gentleman hit the golden-ticket jackpot!Professional ZombieDo you spend all year waiting for Halloween, when you can lurch around your ya rd, groaning, â€Å"Braaaaaaaaains† to scare unsuspecting trick-or-treaters? You might want to consider relocating to London, where the London Dungeons Experience hires professional zombie actors to mingle with visitors.Luxury Bed TesterAs part of a sleep study, a British luxury bedding company paid one woman a thousand pounds to sleep in different luxury beds for a month, and share her feedback on comfort, sleep quality, etc. It’s a tough job, but someone has to†¦zzzzzzzz.Paradise Island CaretakerAn Australia man beat out 35,000 other applicants to be the official caretaker of Hamilton Island (in the Great Barrier Reef) for six months. The rigorous final application tests included snorkeling, eating a luxurious island BBQ meal, and getting treatments at a spa. The lucky caretaker enjoys free rent in a 3-bedroom villa, and gets to have all his mail forwarded to paradise. What’s not to love?So maybe these jobs aren’t in the cards for you in the near f uture, but isn’t it comforting to know they’re out there, and that we live in a world out where we too could be top-secret candy testers?

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Octet Rule Explanation in Chemistry

The Octet Rule Explanation in Chemistry The octet rule states that elements gain or lose electrons to attain an electron configuration of the nearest noble gas. Here is an explanation of how this works and why elements follow the octet rule. The Octet Rule Noble gases have complete outer electron shells, which make them very stable. Other elements also seek stability, which governs their reactivity and bonding behavior. Halogens are one electron away from filled energy levels, so they are very reactive. Chlorine, for example, has seven electrons in its outer electron shell. Chlorine readily bonds with other elements so that it can have a filled energy level, like argon; 328.8 kJ per mole of chlorine atoms are released when chlorine acquires a single electron. In contrast, energy would be required to add a second electron to a chlorine atom. From a thermodynamic standpoint, chlorine is most likely to participate in reactions where each atom gains a single electron. The other reactions are possible but less favorable. The octet rule is an informal measure of how favorable a chemical bond is between atoms. Why Elements Follow the Octet Rule Atoms follow the octet rule because they always seek the most stable electron configuration. Following the octet rule results in completely filled s- and p- orbitals in an atoms outermost energy level. Low atomic weight elements (the first 20 elements) are most likely to adhere to the octet rule. Lewis Electron Dot Diagrams Lewis electron dot diagrams may be drawn to help account for the electrons participating in a chemical bond between elements. A Lewis diagram counts the valence electrons. Electrons shared in a covalent bond are counted twice. For the octet rule, there should be eight electrons accounted for around each atom.

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Financial Accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Financial Accounting - Essay Example Tesco’s performance in the two preceding year 2008 and 2009 has been good and the company has been performing with its best abilitites. Although the company has operated well, there are few areas that my need improvement. The profitability of the company has been good and has increased a bit but the net profit margin has decreased, indicating that the company’s conversion of its gross profit to net profit is rather low and it has gone bad in the year 2009 as compared to 2008. The liquidity is a bit shaky and needs some attention. The liquidity ratios calculated above clearly predict that the company is facing some working capital issues; the feasible result for the current ratio is 2:1, whereas the feasible result for acid test ratio would be 1:1. According to the ratios calculated, TESCO does not have the necessary current assets to deal with its current liabilities. The company as per the calculations above seems to have too many current liabilities (almost double to the amount of the current assets), such an effect is really alarming for any company and Tesco should clearly employ techniques to overcome this issue. The chairman has concluded that the company has performed well during the year end 2009 although there were major economic downturns for the global business environment due to which many weak companies collapsed. Considering that particular economic recession, TESCO has performed exceptionally well in the year 2009. Besides this, the chairman has pointed out on the acquisition of TESCO personal finance held by the Royal Bank of Scotland considering this an organic growth for the company. TESCO has certainly grown over the years and it would have been in a much better state if it was not for the global economic recession. Debenhams is a leading department stores group. Debenhams has a strong presence in key product categories including women’s wear, menswear, home wares, health and beauty, accessories,

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Torqueville's and Stowe's perception of race-relations furing Essay

Torqueville's and Stowe's perception of race-relations furing Pre-civil War Era - Essay Example So from the sociological theorist’s perspective, he has to carefully deplore the practice of slavery after a thorough examination of its role in the country’s economy, culture and politics. Therefore, Tocqueville’s stance about slavery seems to be often confusing and critical, though his statements i.e. â€Å"I am moved at the spectacle of man's degradation by man, and I hope to see the day when the law will grant equal civil liberty to all the inhabitants of the same empire†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Tocqueville 45), â€Å"An old and sincere friend of America, I am uneasy at seeing Slavery retard her progress†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Tocqueville 56) seem to be an anti-racist’s proclamation against the racism and the evil of slavery in American society. A deep sociopolitical and cultural assessment of the African-American minority in the racially segregated white society has convinced him to believe that the assimilation of the Negroes into the mainstream of the society, as o pposed to the American Indians, was almost impossible. Indeed Tocqueville’s prediction of the African Americans future has been summarized in the following lines: If I were called upon to predict the future, I should say that the abolition of slavery in the South will in the common course of things, increase the repugnance of the white population for the blacks. I base this opinion upon the analogous observation I have already made in the North. I have remarked that the white inhabitants of the North avoid the Negroes with increasing care in proportion as the legal barriers of separation are removed by the legislature; and why should not the same result take place in the South? (Tocqueville 68) At this point, Stowe vehemently opposes Tocqueville’s belief. For her, since Christianity, being the religion of the majority of American society, is very much incompatible with the perpetuating inhumanity of slavery, it could lapse the divide between the races and bring them on the same platform of humanity. But Stowe has failed to address how a community, which has been detached from the age-old traditions and culture, would assimilate into a culture which has been an oppressive reality so far. Possibly her faith in Christianity’s as well as humanity’s ability to dispense the socio-cultural gap between the communities provokes her to depict Uncle Tom as a devout Christian and a man, driven by humanity, who could risk his life for the sake of a white girl Eva. Further Stowe’s faith in Christianity’s ability to repel the evil of slavery is expressed in Mrs. Bird’s speech: â€Å"I don’t know anything about politics, but I can read my Bible; and there I see that I must feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and comfort the desolate; and that Bible I mean to follow.† (Stowe 78) Though Stowe’s prediction of a race-blind society upon the basis of Christian humanity seems to be a fallacy, it was a powerhouse of moral strength for the abolitionist to wither the brutal tyranny from the white people’s part and to free the black people to take any course of assimilation they might choose. Obviously, the Civil War, the Reconstruction and the

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A Beautiful Mind - Summary of the Movie Essay Example for Free

A Beautiful Mind Summary of the Movie Essay A Beautiful Mind (Total Points for assignment = 40) For this assignment, you will watch the movie A Beautiful Mind. Your textbook has a brief summary of the movie and compares the movie to what is known about John Nash’s life. I have also provided you with supplemental information on Schizophrenia in the powerpoint that is attached to this assignment. Using this checklist, provide evidence of the criteria with examples of Nash’s behavior. For example, under Dysfunction, give me examples of things that Nash did that are indications of his dysfunction. He was unable to continue teaching, etc. Using this same document, you can add the text under each symptom. Please italicize your text in order to make it easier for me to grade. Finally, at the end of the document, I want you to determine (using the powerpoint information) whether you think Nash’s Schizophrenia could be categorized as Paranoid Type, Disorganized Type, Catatonic Type, or Undifferentiated Type, or Residual Type. Explain how you made that choice. The DSM-IV criteria for Schizophrenia are as follows: †¢ Symptoms. Two or more of the following symptoms that have lasted for a substantial part of at least one month (or less, is effectively treated with medication) For at least six continuous months, the patient has shown some evidence of the disorder. At least one much must include the symptoms of frank psychosis mentioned above. Mood disorders with psychotic features and Schizoaffective Disorder have been ruled out, because the duration of any depressive or manic episodes that have occurred during the psychotic phase has been brief. †¢ Other Exclusions. This disorder is not directly caused by a general medical condition or the use of substances, including prescription medications. †¢ Developmental Disorder Exclusion. If the patient has a history of any pervasive developmental disorder (such as Autistic Disorder), Schizophrenia is diagnosed only if prominent hallucination or delusions are also present for a month or more (less, if treated). Hallucations are present for more than a month as is evident that John has a roommate and a boss. John is a paranoid schizophrenia. He is preoccupied with his delusions and hallucinations as he avoids everyone and becomes wrapped up his math work and his â€Å"work† with the government. While he does show a flat effect and disorganized behavior none are prominent. He is so wrapped up his what he thinks is real he neglects his work, family, social life and anything that is actually real and not part of his delusions.

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Urban Legend of Glenn Dale Hospital :: Urban Legends Ghost Stories

Glenn Dale Hospital Many urban legends get passed down to others from information people hear, read, and experience on their own. Stories get manipulated and exaggerated over time and reasons for the story’s existence can vary. The true story of Glenn Dale Hospital appears to be rather clear according to credible sources – but this does not stop people from creating their own myths and legends and believing what others tell them is true. The story was told to me by a white female college sophomore that I have known for many years. We happened to be back home over the same weekend and I happened to be on the hunt for an urban legend; luckily she was eager to tell me about her experience trying to visit Glenn Dale Hospital. The following is the story I was told, as close to verbatim as possible: I remember it was Freshman year [in high school] and all the upper class lacrosse girls told us to meet at one of the girl’s houses because we were going to go to a party. We met up there, and got into three different cars and started driving. The van I was in had 6 other girls in it and I was pretty good friends with the senior driving it so it didn’t take long for the senior to tell us that we weren’t really going to a party – and that we were going to go visit an abandoned insane asylum. I had never heard of Glenn Dale Hospital and the entire trip, we were told of how many unexplainable deaths used to occur at the hospital and how if you go there today, you can still hear the screams of the patients throughout the halls. I don’t remember what road we ended up on, but next thing I knew – it was all of us freshman walking through a long field seeing a large building in front of us. The closer we got†¦ the slower we walked. We started ta lking about everything we had heard in the trip up. One girl mentioned that there are still bodies and papers left in the hospital and that the place was abandoned after the workers refused to keep working there after so many inexplicable deaths. Another mentioned that there are always cops patrolling the place and you can get arrested for trespassing. Ironically, as soon as the girl finished talking about the cop, we heard a loud voice from the other side of the building.

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Is War Good or Bad Essay

The ongoing debate, is war good or bad? Usually if we see or hear the word â€Å"war† we think about the negative sides first. There is a saying that a forest fire burns everything in its path and it does destroy the forest but out of the ashes comes new life. War is similar to this. Out of destruction comes a new beginning. A country can benefit from war, by gaining wealth or freedom, increasing in power, and advancing in technology. But the reason why war seems only negative is because there is also destruction where millions of innocent people die, losing their resources and time, and also their money. Not only within the country but the whole world could be affected by war economically and socially. There are plenty of reasons why war is a bad thing. One main thing that comes to us directly and painfully is the death of the loved ones. Wars may solve problems but in the process it kills millions of people so war is cruel. A good example is the WW2, almost 50-60 million people died. Also in a war, the country has to spend a lot of money. It needs to provide weapons like tanks missiles etc., and it needs as many troops as possible. As Chinese strategist Tzu Sun said, â€Å"Where the army is, prices are high; when prices rise the wealth of the people is exhausted† (Tzu Sun, c.400 BCE). For the citizens this is very disappointing because all this money would eventually come from raised taxes and instead this could be spent on poor and uneducated people. As I said, war brings destruction. Inflation is also a problem. For example after the Angola’s Civil War, their currency was so useless that bottles of beer replaced it. Special landmarks, farms, and firms could be dest royed and the country could lose a lot of its resources. After the war, usually the country goes in a huge debt. On the other hand, war could be seen as a positive influence. Wars exist because people cannot agree on something. After the war it could be clear and they would agree and not fight anymore. Sometimes war could give freedom to a country. After war the country could become more powerful. If the war was because of land, after they win they have a bigger country with more resources. These resources could make the economy of the country rocket up. Also war in short-term is actually good for the economy. For example during the Great Depression, unemployment rate decreased. Since they need large amounts of weapons made quickly they hire more people and this leads to more jobs. Long-term wise a war could rebuild the economy of a country. Like the French, their production grew faster after WW1 and WW2. The country develops in technology too. They would need better more powerful strategies and weapons than the enemy’s so they research and develop in technology. Afterwards, this would b enefit the country greatly. Could this debate ever be over? I do not think so. As you can see, there are many bad and good sides of war. Overall I think wars are bad, because all these positive things are still not worth of millions of lives. And the good sides are if you win the war but that is not 100% sure. And even if things are resolved after the war, we are humans and we constantly want more. If the countries do not feel satisfied they might go into a second war and then a third and so on. So I think we should always find more peaceful ways than war.

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Alliteracy Definition Essay

Alliteracy is defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as the quality or state of being able to read but uninterested in doing so. I, myself, am an example of the definition Merriam-Webster gives. I am fully competent of picking up a book and reading it. When I have spare time available, I could easily walk over to the book shelf in my house, where my wife has many books ranging from romance to science fiction, pick one out and read it. However, it is not a something that draws my attention or seems of interest to do. I only read when it is required of me, such as work related text and school related text. On the contrary, Mortimer Adler was a man who loves books! In his 1940 essay, â€Å"How to Mark a Book,† Adler defines how reading is more than just reading. It is the act of active reading- a skill- that requires using certain strategies in order to remember and understand what you read by highlighting, underlining, and make annotations in the book to help you remembe r and understand what you’ve read. Adler states, â€Å"Marking up a book is not an act of mutilation but of love.† (Adler, 1940) Adler’s form of reading requires putting forth effort that people who are alliterate may not see as relevant for reasons such as technological advances and an expensive hobby during a time of recession. One technological advance that has replaced books is through the invention of the television, which was a modern day marvel of its time and still continues to be. The invention of the television brought news and entertainment to the general population easier and faster than any book or newspaper ever could. People started relying on television more and more and reduced or eliminated reading from their daily activities. Between 1955 and 1975, when television were predominately introduced, a study showed that the average amount of time a person spent reading fell from 5 hours a day to 3.6 hours a day. However, as time went on and a larger variety of shows became available and tele vision hours extended those figures changed significantly. The same study shows that by 1995, the average person spent 9 percent of the spare time reading in comparison to 21 percent in 1955. Adler states, â€Å"They forget that it is possible for a man to acquire the idea, to process beauty, which a great book contains.† (Adler, 1940) However, does it truly mean that because people don’t read, they cannot acquire ideas or process the beauty behind ideas and creativity? I disagree. Television has been a wonderful source for information as we learn tons of information about places and people that we seldom learn about in written literature. We can easily learn about new cultures, different places, and how to do things without turning through page after page of words. Television, furthermore, helps improve memory as we are able to recall what we see easier than by what we’ve read. Another factor that has helped to cause alliteracy is money. People just don’t have the funds to purchase the high prices that are placed on books especially during these recessive times. Buying books is an expensive hobby and outside of the reach of the average person who is struggling just to pay their bills. According the National Endowment for the Arts, reading participation increases quite progressively for each increase in family income. Based on the survey, which was taken in 2002, approximately one-third of family with an income under $10,000 read literature during the survey year. This was in comparison to 61 percent of family with incomes of $75,000 or more. Based on these surveys, it is proven that lower family incomes are linked with alliteracy rates. In Adler’s How to Mark a Book, Adler makes the statement, â€Å"†¦buy yourself a cheap edition and pay your respects to the author,† (Adler, 1940) for the sole purpose to â€Å"Mark† the book up. Adler throws this idea out freely as if everyone is able to afford the cost of books. However, Adler was American professor, philosopher, and educational theorist who was more than likely in the 61 percentile that the National Endowment for the Arts surveyed. It is not feasible to assume that everyone can afford the price of books and may face allitaracy for that reason. Adler’s form of reading requires putting forth effort that people who are alliterate may not see as relevant for reasons such as technological advances and an expensive hobby during a time of recession. If the purpose of Adler’s reasoning in marking a book is to share an intimate relationship with the author, then maybe technological advances will one day bring that to the masses in a more affordable way.

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JFK Conspiracy essays

JFK Conspiracy essays The assassination of our nations 35th president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, is one of the most controversial and divisive government conspiracies in the narration of American history. There are an incredible amount of speculations and ideas brought up by both the American public and diagnostic investigators. So far none of these premises have had enough conclusive evidence to suit as being the real cause to the JFK assassination. However, of the couple dozen most widely considered speculations, the one that is most conclusive in its examination is the indictment against the United States Government and the Central Intelligence Agency for covering up and staging their homicide of President John F. Kennedy and their suppression of the truth from the American Public. The day of November 2nd 1963 and all the conspiracy surrounding it begins with the annunciation of Senator Kennedy as the President of The United States. In order to most completely understand this conspiracy, one needs to f irst look at the Presidents life and the events leading up to it and then the analytical evidence of the possible motives to his assassination (Marris, Preface). John F. Kennedy was the youngest president ever to be elected to office at the only the age of 42. After a lavish childhood, Kennedy moved to Boston in 1946 and ran for a seat in the House of Representatives. He won, but then again, in 1951 he was elected to the Senate using the famous slogan, The New Generation Offers a Leader (Spencer, 18-20). During his senatorship, JFK met, and later married, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, a writer for The Times Herald of Washington. Mrs. Kennedy was from a family of wealthy aristocrats of French descent. They were married in 1953 and had two children named Caroline and John Junior. Kennedy was a democrat and was convincingly one of the most popular democrats during the time. Richard Nixon was Kennedys republican rival and was the vice presid...

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University of New Haven Admissions and SAT Scores

University of New Haven Admissions and SAT Scores If youre interested in applying to the University of New Haven, the good news is that they admit the majority of applicants. Learn more about their admission requirements. About the University of New Haven The University of New Haven is a private university located on an 82-acre campus in West Haven, Connecticut. New Haven and Long Island Sound beaches are just minutes away. Undergraduates at the university can choose from nearly 100 degree programs, and the school has notable strengths in criminal justice, fire science, and forensics. The university emphasizes hands-on experiential learning. Academics are supported by a 16 to 1 student/faculty ratio. Student life is active with over 100 student clubs and organizations and 70 percent of undergraduates living on campus or in university housing. In athletics, the UNH Chargers compete in the NCAA Division II Northeast-10 Conference. The university fields eight mens and nine womens intercollegiate sports. Will you get in? Calculate your chances of getting in with this free tool from Cappex. Admissions Data (2016) University of New Haven Acceptance Rate: 81Â  percentGPA, SAT and ACT Graph for UNH AdmissionsTest Scores: 25th / 75th PercentileSAT Critical Reading: 470 / 570SAT Math: 460 / 570SAT Writing: - / -What these SAT numbers meanCompare SAT scores for Connecticut collegesACT Composite: 20Â  / 26ACT English: 19 / 25ACT Math: 18Â  / 26What these ACT numbers meanCompare ACT scores for Connecticut colleges Enrollment (2016) Total Enrollment: 6,835Â  (4,936 undergraduates)Gender Breakdown: 50 percent Male / 50 percent Female92 percent Full-time Costs (2016-17) Tuition and Fees: $37,060Books: $1,000 (why so much?)Room and Board: $15,130Other Expenses: $1,660Total Cost: $54,850 University of New Haven Financial Aid (2015-16) Percentage of New Students Receiving Aid: 96Â  percentPercentage of New Students Receiving Types of AidGrants: 96 percentLoans: 78 percentAverage Amount of AidGrants: $20,569Loans: $11,245 Academic Programs Most Popular Majors: Biology, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Forensic Science, MusicWhat major is right for you? Sign up to take the free My Careers and Majors Quiz at Cappex. Transfer, Graduation and Retention Rates First Year Student Retention (full-time students) 80Â  percent4-Year Graduation Rate: 45 percent6-Year Graduation Rate: 56Â  percent Intercollegiate Athletic Programs Mens Sports: Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, Track and FieldWomens Sports: Lacrosse, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Track and Field, Soccer, Cross Country If You Like the University of New Haven, You May Also Like These Schools University of Bridgeport: ProfileYale University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphAlbertus Magnus College: ProfileSouthern Connecticut State University: ProfileQuinnipiac University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphBrown University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphBoston College: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphUniversity of Rhode Island: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphHofstra University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphUniversity of Hartford: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphDrexel University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphSacred Heart University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT Graph University of New Haven Mission Statement mission statement from https://www.newhaven.edu/about/ The University of New Haven is a student-centered comprehensive university with an emphasis on excellence in liberal arts and professional education. Our mission is to prepare our students to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives in a global society by providing the highest-quality education through experiential, collaborative and discovery-based learning. Data Source: National Center for Educational Statistics

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Evidence Management In My Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Evidence Management In My Organization - Essay Example It is worth noting that at the same time the hacker skill level is becoming low. Probable reason being the increase in number of loop holes in modern systems and open opportunity for hackers to share information and transfer technology amongst one another. This situation is of prime concern to the information security world. Methodologies are being developed and improved to combat, investigate and prevent such breaches into system boundaries1. Study conducted by the FBI and CSI in the year 2002 revealed alarming increase in system intrusion by hackers. 90% of the respondents identified their systems to be invaded. 80% accepted financial loss. Loss above 450,000,000 $ was reported collectively by about 220 respondents. 74% of the total declared internet as the repetitive point of attack. To cater for the increasing number of attack incidents, an approach must be formulated to respond to such unpleasant events so that the effect of such attacks on the organization is minimized. Minimization of the intrusion impact will lead to un-altered organizational performance and ideally no loss of capital. However, if such incidents are dealt with lightly and casually, the organizational integrity is under serious threat. The response mechanism should be able to manage sufficient information of the breach to assist the decision makers and concerned personnel to determine the actions accordingly, to combat future attacks and to dissuade attacks through investigation and law trial. The methodology to the response to such an attack has to be time optimized because mostly time is the key governing variable to determine organizational performance. Also, the methodology must be efficient emphasizing low resource utilization because finance in an organization is another contingent con trolling variable. The approach towards dealing with the situation must be modular so that the repair and maintain mechanism is refined into manageable chunks. The approach should also emphasize on the most logical sequence of actions for dealing with threats and invasions. Finally, the approach must also incorporate the room for dealing with never-seen-before security situations. It should be kept in mind that the design of the response methodology has linked legal issues as liability limitation and reduction in insurance premiums. Taking into consideration the issues explained above, a multi-step linear feed back model has been developed. Incidence response is generally based upon this model. The sequential steps of the response method proposed by the model are preparation, detection and containment followed by analysis, eradication and recovery. At the end of the linear chain, follow up and feed back is required for the response process completion2. SIGNIFICANCE OF EVIDENCE The evidence of a security breach can be collected in any of the seven steps in the response model described above. It is important that this evidence be managed in an efficient manner as this