Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Should Prostitution Be Prohibited Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Should Prostitution Be Prohibited - Essay Example Furthermore, it promotes the growth of an immorally-based community. Based on the above underpinning evidence, it is justifiable to strongly say that prostitution ought to be prohibited in our society. Prohibition of prostitution will reduce the high number of incidences of adultery. Prostitution gives men the opportunity to cheat on their girlfriends and wives in an easy. Therefore, if it is prohibited cheating men will suffer extremely consequences since the law will be on their toes. As a result, the number of men who take advantage of prostitutes, wives, or girlfriend will decrease dramatically. Indeed, prostitution ought to be prohibited since it gives rise to many problems in relationships and marriage as well as pave way for many other crimes. Prohibition of prostitution will create a friendly environment for all; especially the children. This is because prostitution makes it hard to explain to children the difference between money and sex, and love and sex since it make them believe that money is more worthy than self-esteem and love. Prostitution immensely affects the morale of a society or community. This is because it makes such a society ignore and become immune to graphicness of sexual images that are thrown in its members faces daily. As a result, members of a society hardly understand the significance of private and personal relationships. In fact, prostitution lowers women dignity since it makes them send the message to men that it is alright to be treated like sexual objects. Connectively, many women are subject to wrath of sexual pressure in order to measure up to hookers. Prostitution, breaking up of ethical and social barriers that many women have worked on in order to reduce sexual harassment occurs. Prohibition of prostitution will help reduce the mentality harbored by many men that women can easily be bought and sold like goods or services. Prohibition of prostitution will help avoid turning sex into a full-blown business. Prostitution has a high likelihood of making sexual services commercial; hence, making them likes any other consumer and entertainment goods. For instance, there many casinos, in Australia where prostitution is legal, which deal with sexual favor chips that, are cashed in at various local brothels (Weitzer 67). Commercialization of sex will be eliminated upon prohibition of prostitution. Prohibition of prostitution will also reduce the large number of crimes rates that are sky-rocketing. According to Weitzer (87), most prostitutes sell their bodies since they are in dire need of money to purchase illegal drugs. In connection to this, prohibition of prostitution will cut down the rate of illegal drug trafficking. Governments that have legalized prostitution on ly serve to promote street or underground prostitution to avoid paying taxes that these governments charge. These prostitutes feel fail to pay taxes since they believe that they did all the work alone; therefore, they should reap their profits and benefits alone. This, in turn, increases the number of crime and abuse against hookers since it put quite a number of them on the streets. Prohibition of prostitution will further will reduce or eliminate the number of advertisements for sexual favors that pop up on every street; even in places that families and parents strongly oppose them to be. As a result, incidences of children developing immune to the promiscuity of their society and

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