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Obesity and San Diego Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Obesity and San Diego - Term Paper Example Having been an experienced medic in the area, I have observed several cases; and even potential ones; of obesity and therefore there is need for a more inclusive approach in tackling the health condition. The various volunteer works I have been engaged in have further brought to my attention on the consequences of ignoring this issue especially by professionals in the medical field. In addition, my quest for eliminating this problem has been further motivated by the situation currently experienced in my own household. My teenage siblings are at high risk of being obese because of their lifestyle and their consumption habits. This paper focuses on the major contributors of obesity and how to eliminate them in the county of Florida. The various indications as will be discussed below show that this problem is becoming a critical issue in both the county and the whole nation of United States. Policy Plan The healthy people 2010 (2009) indicate that the county’s level of obesity, a t least for those who have reported, is about 15% among teenagers and about 18% among the adults in the county. This shows a very alarming trend that calls for intervention by the leadership of the county and overall, of the state. To draw a further highlight of this problem, it is better to mention that obesity is a major contributor of other life threatening conditions like: asthma, coronary diseases, diabetes, cancer and others according to the county’s health and human services agency. It is because of these findings that there was a decision to contact the local authority in this case, the mayor of San Diego City Council. The date identified for this visit will be the 23rd day of February, 2013. Policy making is very essential for eradication of this problem and therefore the justification of this choice. Since there is difficulty in securing appointment with the mayor, it is important that there are various people mobilized to help capture some attention. Another propos ed way is therefore through mobilization of affected people for a peaceful procession to the mayor’s office in which an appointment will be sought and the date above be pushed. The main policy proposal will be that of ensuring that there are campaigns and sensitization programs in the county to aid in the awareness creation that will help change the lifestyle and eating habits of the local people so that they do not succumb to this great problem. A report by Jeannie et al (2009) indicates that the HOPE project is one of the successful ways the nation has enabled the medics in the country provide necessary assistance and guidance to victims of this condition by establishing a curriculum for the medical professionals like nurses to enable them learn through the internet on ways to tackle this issue. Internet use has been widespread among the teenage population and that is why this project can be used as a guideline in developing a policy to combat this problem in the county. Th e healthy people 2020 (2012) suggest methods of tackling the problem of rising obesity among the teenagers in the country. Most importantly, it envisages the reduction of obesity cases by use of alternative prevention mechanisms of which campaign by professionals, especially the nurses, is one of them. It even goes further by pointing out the need for sufficient information on the causes of overweight among the county’s population. Story et al (2008) propose a combined policy and

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