Friday, September 13, 2019

In what way and with what kind of strategic choice does the Apple Inc Assignment

In what way and with what kind of strategic choice does the Apple Inc. use to entry into the Nigerian market - Assignment Example Moreover, its establishment into the international computer market brought further success to the company. Apple is significantly known for its iPod, iPad, iPhone, iTunes etc. The company has also manufactured revolutionary OSX operating systems and Mac Laptops (ERGONOMICS, 2013). In the late December 2012, Apple Inc. made a significant entrance into the Nigerian Computer Market as per its international expansion strategy. There are certain variables which drives the company’s successful expansion strategies simultaneously increasing its market share while successfully competing with competitors. Apple Inc. provides remarkable services to its users in Nigeria apart from the wide range of products. These services include support programs on how to use Apple products, manuals provided by the company so as to troubleshoot the problems associated with any of the sold items, technical guidance and system specifications, downloading options of latest software and updates for existing programs and most significantly it provides community facility to its users which enables them to share and discus their ideas and issues with other Apple users (SUPPORT, 2013). This paper aims to critically discuss and evaluate the strategic approach used by Apple Inc. so as to enter into the Nigerian Market. Additionally, it will highlight the reasons for the company’s international expansion and its historical performance throughout the world. Apple Inc. has one of the finest and most advanced range of computers which enables the company to successfully run its strategic activities all over the globe, and therefore these products along with the services shall be discussed. Moreover, the company’s market share and competitive position within the industry shall be analyzed. Whenever a multinational corporation enters into a comparatively new market it has certain reasons and underlying causes for its

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