Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Characteristics of ESFP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Characteristics of ESFP - Essay Example From this essay it is clear that  extraversion is the state or act of being more concerned with what is outside than self so as to attain gratification which is characterized by more talkativeness and energetic behavior. Extravert is more interested in interactions with other people to express their character of talkativeness, assertiveness, happiness and companion. As an extravert one is often happy around other people and energized in activities that comprise of large gathering of people, either in parties, activities of a community, groups involved in politics and demonstrations and you feel very comfortable at that.As the discussion highlights that  sensing deals with the perception of senses by examining tangible through touch, taste, sight or hearing. Sensing ensures that the data obtained is in a concrete and literal fashion and the information is collected on the basis of senses that are practical and concrete rather than intuitions. It is more realistic as it involves se nsing of exactly what is perceived thus for one to be sensible he or she need to be effective to things that he or she comes into contact with through touch, hearing, taste, sight or by feel.Sensing pays attention to the physical world such as experiences which leads to impulsive action as it Sensing can be portrayed through food tasting, noticing when a spotlight has changed, speech memorization or following steps in a procedure.

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