Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Building International Relationships Case Study

Building International Relationships - Case Study Example There are several companies it has acquired since its establishment; one of the most prominent companies that this discourse will focus on is the critical acquisition of J.A Jones. Holzmann has been involved in not less than fifty expansionary steps, from partial share purchases and absolute acquisition. J.A Jones Inc. is of the leading U.S construction companies. The company has offices throughout the world it has been engaged in multiplicity of industrial, commercial, government and military constructions projects throughout its over 100 years of business. One of the high profiles the company enjoys is the construction of the tallest building in the world. In the year 1979 J.A Jones merged with Philip Holzmann AG. Since the signing of the joint venture agreement, the two companies have been doing well especially in the construction industry which has seen the two partners excel in most of the construction projects. Since marriage, the joint venture has been rocked by several challenges with major one being bankruptcy. This made Jones construction approach a decision to detach from the parent company. Although J.A Jones has been the main business player, the construction company feels that its woes are as a result of the parent company: Philip Holzmann AG that filed for bankruptcy protection in the year 2002. J.A Jones interim chief executive officer J.P Bolduc says that revenue earned is diverted to Holzmann: this crimps Jones’ ability to obtain bond for its projects. In as much as their marriage has been long, they are currently at war on dissolving the marriage. This is evident after Jones filed petition in a German court to end ties. Jones was ranked 7th among contractors in the building and construction industry in 2002 listing of the largest United States Non-residential design and construction firms, owning a volume of $1.9 billion. There are other five units belonging to Jones that are up for sale. Whatever J.A jones has never dreamt of could now be

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