Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How do you use your time Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

How do you use your time - Essay Example his situation nudges at family and career values which would place me in a dilemma of making an effort of spending time with family and risking exhaustion before my business meeting. My cousin is earnest but not demanding in his invite. His personal credibility is beyond reproach and he is fair enough in not expecting my full commitment to the occasion. His intention in speaking to me is a motive bound in family values and he does not display any intention aside from inviting me to the occasion. His intention is also persuasive but not insistent. As an audience to his request, the family link played a large part in deciding whether or not I would or should consider his request. He knew that I too was aware of the importance of family and that there were already fewer occasions when the extended family got to gather and mingle with each other. This rhetorical situation revolves around the issue of whether or not I should give time for my family on an otherwise uneventful weekend and risk being too weary for my business travel on the weekday work week; or whether or not I should not join family and friends for a gathering in order to stay refreshed for my business engagement. The main lines of reasoning or argument used in this rhetorical situation are my obligation to family and my duty to my career – to perform at 100% capability during the weekday workweek. My cousin is quick to remind me the value of family, but I would have to make a crucial choice on the situation in a few hours time. My cousin appeals not so much on reason but on my emotions and obligations to my family. He is knowledgeable of the fact that I would really be too tired from travelling to and from the baptism and then again for my business trip. Based on that assessment alone, reason would dictate that I would be compromising the quality of my work when the weekday would come. And he does not bring that logical part of the issue in the conversation. Instead, he appeals to my

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