Friday, August 23, 2019

Singapore's cybersex laws Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Singapore's cybersex laws - Research Paper Example In Singapore, internet sex is highly regulated and the law does not allow pornography and so is cybersex. However, internet has posed a challenge as the government and authorities are overwhelmed by it especially in the age of globalization. In other countries like the United States, they have adopted a soft approach where they advice the hosting websites to self regulate. Due to the growing industry of internet sex and lack of objective laws on protecting the society, most countries outside the United States have continued to suffer hopelessly. However, it is unfair to apply pornographic laws on cybersex because the two internet sex experiences have differing societal implications. In Singapore cybersex has negative implications on the family institution because it has been branded an online form of infidelity and cheating. Under the existing pornographic laws in Singapore, cybersex implications are difficult to determine if the society has to be fair. This is because while the cybe rsex industry continues to yield colossal sums of money from the business, cybersex has led to addiction, family break ups, and lack of self esteem, which are also associated with pornography. However, cybersex can be credited for reducing prostitution and hence women trafficking, which is highly associated with pornographic industry. ... All this is because Singaporean pornographic laws do not adequately define cybersex and the government needs to have legislation on cybersex, different from the existing pornographic laws. This is because unlike pornography, cybersex has positive and negative implications in the society’s sexuality, given the proliferation of technology and overall globalisation

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