Friday, August 9, 2019

Opportunity #6 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Opportunity #6 - Assignment Example This positioning would allow carbon atoms binding together for formation of molecules that may not be easy to construct, with different reactions or circumstances.(Helmenstine, 2010) The reactions, thus made possible by these scientists have opened the gates of science to create complex chemical substances, which may be seen as creation of nature, otherwise. The principals of carbon-based organic chemistry are responsible for the exciting natural phenomenon, which forms the basis of life. This includes, colors in flowers, snake poisoning, among others. Taking cue from nature’s chemistry, human-kind has tried to perform chemical reactions, which use the potential of carbon for providing the basis for creating functional molecules. Such development in chemistry has given mankind new medicines and revolutionary materials, like plastics. For creating such complex reactions, scientists require the ability to join the carbon atoms together. However, carbon being stable, the carbon atoms do not react with each other easily, as their stable nature does not allow them to do so, under normal circumstances. Accordingly, several methods were tried for binding the carbon atoms together, which included techniques that could make carbon more active. The test tube reactions, conducted for this purpose, could develop simpler molecules. However, for creating complex carbon molecules, the scientists’ synthesis processes towards the same, gave several unwanted by-products. Therefore, the winning reactions of the three Nobel Prize winners solved this problem, as palladium-catalyzed cross coupling provided an efficient tool for getting the precise results. The basis of this reaction is the meeting of carbon atoms on a palladium atom, which brings them closer to each other, for starting the required chemical reaction. While palladium-catalyzed cross coupling reactions find extensive use for many industries, their advantages for the electronics industry is the most

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