Monday, February 17, 2020

Hardware Security Module - Optimization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words - 1

Hardware Security Module - Optimization - Essay Example In this study, an HSM optimization solution will then be proposed to fill the gaps identified. This document mainly aims to perform tests and obtain numeric figures that can be trusted in finding optimal points for the application of this solution in HSM devices of similar nature. 4.1.General specification and capabilities A hardware security module (HSM) can be described as a crypto processor that is dedicated and it is specifically designed to be used for the protection of the crypto key lifecycle. Hardware security modules therefore act as trusted anchors that protect the infrastructure designed from cryptography and some of the organizations that are security conscious in the world. This is achieved by managing, processing, an storing cryptographic keys securely inside a hardened and tamper resistant device. [16] 15 5.1.Signature Service â€Å"The Spanish e-Identification board is currently working to upgrade the infrastructure for electronic identification in (Country Name), based on federated techniques using the SAML standard. This infrastructure contains two important functions are to allow citizens to authenticate themselves securely and to electronically sign documents that represent transactions, agreements, applications and declarations of various forms and types. The signing service does not keep track of users and user keys, but simply generates a new signing key and signature certificate for each signature. This is a procedure that provides a number of important advantages such as: 1)It reduces the amount of user sensitive information that needs to be stored in the server and hence, limits the amount of user sensitive information that can be stolen and abused.2) It provides proof of signing time as the certificate is generated at singing time.3)The signature is always associated wit h a certificate that has sufficient remaining validity time for the intended use of the signed

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