Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Freshman Forced to Live on Campus Annotated Bibliography

Freshman Forced to Live on Campus - Annotated Bibliography Example The author of the article is credible and well aware of the trend, as she has been associated with the Arizona State University for more than three years (Soucie, 2009). The targeted audience of this article is the teacher`s faculty and students of the university, who are willing to know about current situation of campus housing (Soucie, 2009). Moreover, in this article it is explained that university students do not like to live in campus houses, but the reason behind their preferences is not clearly mentioned in the source (Soucie, 2009). Villagio apartments are most preferable houses of students and they so wanted to live in there, but due to economical situations, they cannot afford those houses (Soucie, 2009). Here, the author should mention the difference between rents of Tempe homes and campus houses, but he failed to do so. This article is useful and I will use this article as an important source for illustrating promotion of campus houses in the universities in comparison wi th other rental homes for students. This article is also taken from the same source. The title of the article indicates that the university is welcoming all new students to come and live in campus houses. The writer of this article is trustworthy and responsible because he is a qualified young journalist, who has recently passed out from the Arizona State University (Quizon, 2008). The author has targeted fresh students of the university and those who are willing to take admission in the Arizona State University (Quizon, 2008). The author has explicitly explained in his article that students, who live on campus houses, can have more chances to attain good marks in the exams, as previously it has been noticed that students who lived on campus houses performed more efficiently, than those who lived in other rental houses away from the campus (Quizon, 2008). Additionally, views and comments of faculty members show that campus intended to provide

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